About Us

Good 2 Go Apparel

Welcome to Good 2 Go Apparel's website!

Veteran Owned and Supported - We produce apparel for motivated individuals who are Always Good 2 Go!

We are a family run operation made up solely of serving/veteran military personnel from both the USA and the UK. Bonded by blood and service, we have all served our countries both at home and on Operations in Afghanistan. As a family we understand what it means to serve. We are proud to have served and continue to serve our countries.

Street Style with Tactical Roots

Our style reflects our personalities and is a fusion of influences. Ranging from military culture to popular culture, music, fitness and extreme sports.

The Team

Chris: Veteran Combat Engineer (Sapper) in the Royal Engineers, British Army. Chris also later served in the Royal Air Force.

Gio: Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and currently serving as a Law Enforcement Officer in Chicago, Illinois.

'J': Serving SNCO in the Adjutant General Corps, British Army. As a Senior HR Specialist she has had a varied career providing support to a wide array of troops, including Specialist Units, Air Assault Assets and Helicopter Aircrews.