The Good 2 Go Apparel Corna Salute

The G2G Corna Salute

Just like the G2G brand itself, the G2G Corna Salute has military and popular culture roots:

The Corna Salute - Protector against evil forces and always ready to Rock and Roll

SkullA reminder of death... that it comes for us all. So live life, don't defer life.

Ace of Spades - The death card... the hitter... the deliverer of death


The Corna Salute as we know it today was popularised by Black Sabbath legend, Terry 'Geezer' Butler and later heavily used by Sabbaths lead singer Ronnie James Dio. 

The sign has historical significance in Mediterranean countries as a protector against evil forces and to ward off bad luck. 

This is why Dio accredits the gesture to his Italian grandmother. 

The Skull symbolises mortality and is a reminder of death... more specifically, that it comes for us all. Our community doesn't see the skull as a morbid symbol. Instead this is a reminder to truly live life and attack every day... ensuring we are Always Good 2 Go!

The Ace of Spades is the death card... the Hitter... the deliverer of death.

The G2G Corna Salute contains 2  Spades because we 'double up for good luck'

From the gang wars of the 1930's to the Gorrila warfare of Vietnam, the ace of Spades has been left as a calling card that Death was here. 

But why the ace of Spades? What's the history?

- There are 52 cards (excluding the Joker... that's why our Jokers Wild).... each card represents a week in the year.

- The thirteen cards in each suit represent the 13 lunar months in the year. 

- The suits represent the seasons. RED; feminine, positive, warm, soft. BLACK; masculine, cold, aggressive. 

- There are 4 main Sabbats; the Ace of Spades relates to the week of Yule. Yule is the beginning of winter and a date dreaded by the old peasantry (the beginning of winter heralded a time of famine, or a Time of the Wolf. The first week of winter, beginning 21st December, saw supplies running low, the last of the meat would be slaughtered and cured to eat in the months ahead. Offerings would be made to the dead, and the elderly would be sure to make their last wishes known, in case it was their turn. 

- So the Ace of Spades represents the death of the year and the start of a new one... the wheel turns again. 

- The reason why the Ace of Spades is the trump card is that Death comes for us all in the end... there is no escape... not even for kings!

- The Spade is also known in Tarot as the sword... a symbol of war.

- The Spade symbol can represent a heart with a sword in it or a severed head on a sword... both symbols of Death. 

Also... Spades are used to dig graves!